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docMgt 3 is a big release and it is no secret that we are excited to get it into everyone’s hands. So with that said, here is the docMgt 3 release schedule:

  • October 22: Cloud Demo Site Release
  • October 29: Cloud Production Site Release
  • November 5: In-House Installer Download Release

Contact us or your sales representative if you have any questions.


About docMgt 3

docMgt has been blazing trails with its ease of use and feature-rich interface. Version 3 builds on that with an updated, cleaner look and more easily accessible features. Here are a few features available in Version 3.

Voice Activated Searching

docMgt is once again raising the bar in efficiency and technology with its new voice-activated search engine. Users can request documents, perform asset management, dictate notes and more all by using their voice.

System Branding Capabilities

Administrators can customize the docMgt interface to reflect their brand. Branding can also be used for seasonal themes, athletic team themes, holidays and more.

Branding options are available for the Log In page, Toolbar, Function Pages and Dialog Pop-Ups. Branding options can be exported and imported to allow for easy branding for each implementation. There are also several pre-designed branding templates available from docMgt.

Enhanced Analytics

Version 3 has added more data analysis tools within the workflow system as well as system-wide administrative functions. Administrators have a new and redesigned dashboard that is available from any page to report on system usage statistics, security and workflow status.


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