Direct URLs

docMgt supports many direct URLs that can be used to do searches. These can be used from outside systems to perform quick and easy integration. This can also be used to link to direct records from spreadsheets, word processing documents, browser bookmarks and intranet web pages. Anywhere you can use a web page link you can use these URLs.


Searching by URL

There are several ways to search docMgt by using direct URLs. You can bring up a specific search screen and let the users enter their search criteria. Or you can actually perform the search directly and let the users get to the results faster. Here are the URLs that are available.


To search for Records by a key value only

To search for Records by a field name and field value combination

To search for Records of a specific Record Type by a field name and field value combination

To search for Records of a specific Record Type by a field name and field value combination and bring up a specific document

Variable Key
{recordTypeID} – The ID of the Record Type within which to search
{field} – The name of the field in which to search
{value} – The value by which to search
{documentName} – The Name of the document to bring up once the search has opened a Record

Optional query string parameters:

add – If you use the “add” query string then any search performed above that includes a Field/Value pair will perform the search as intended. However, if the search yields no matches then the system will add a Record matching the criteria and take the user to the Record automatically. This is useful when performing synchronization via interface search/add actions.
Example: http://yourserver/search/{recordTypeID}/{field}/{value}?add=1


IMPORTANT: Make sure to URL encode all variables to ensure they will pass through the browser without complications. If you need more information on URL encode please refer to this article: w3schools URLEncode Reference or the w3schools JavaScript encodeURI() reference.


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