Admin Search


Admin Search

In version 4.03 we are adding an exciting new feature – Admin Search! Admin Search allows administrators to search all administrative areas for key words or variables. It is common practice to use variables and field names in workflows, add-ins, user security and more. This all works great and is how the system is designed. But what if you need to change a field name or change a variable that is being used? Where do you go to make all the necessary changes? That is where Admin Search comes in.


Searching within Admin Areas

Admin Search gives you a screen to enter in the field name, variable or other term you are looking for. You can even specify in what areas to search. When you start your search, the system will look through the selected areas and will return a list of all the items in those areas that contained the value for which you were looking. The image below shows a sample of the results you can expect.

Admin Search Results Sample


This Admin Search results list tells you where your search term was found. The “Area” is the section of the Admin system where the match was found. “ID / Name” is the ID and Name of the item where the match was found. “Found In” is the section inside the item where the match was found.  For instance, the first result above shows that “[USERNAME]” was found in a Record Type named “Customer” in the field named “Counselor”. If you click on one of the results you will be taken directly to the item so you can review or make changes.

If you only wish to search in certain areas, you can change the area selections before you search. Also, the last search will remain available until you refresh or close your browser.



We hope you find this feature useful. We have certainly been using it a lot since we developed it and it has been a life saver.